Ask the Esthy: Choosing a Powerful Serum


Great question, and my hope is that the answer will help you find the right skin care products for your clients for years to come.

Choosing the right serum for your clients will require you to go on a two-part question-asking mission.

Question #1. What is your skin care philosophy?

Do you believe in a holistic approach? Do AHAs and BHAs light your skin care soul on fire? Could you talk about stem cells and the results they provide until the cows come home? Does vitamin C bring a smile to your beautiful and glowy face?

The first question surrounds self-discovery. Once you are fully aware of your skin care beliefs, you will know where to start your retail product search.

Question #2. Who is your ideal client and what is the end result they desire?

What is the demographic of the client that you absolutely love to serve? Do you love to work on teens with acne? Does the aging woman with fine lines and dehydrated skin spark your interest or maybe it the real deal doozy … hyperpigmentation?

The second question surrounds market research. Once you know the type of client you love to serve (and attract more of), it is time to so some investigating.

Start asking your existing clients or anyone who looks like they would be a perfect fit for you treatment room offerings what they are looking for in a home care product.

For example, “Sally, I am on the hunt for a power packed serum to provide you with the most beautiful skin. Please tell me what a super hero skin care product would do for you?”

When your clients give you feedback, start to take note of any common threads because this info is going to provide you with a ton of clarity on your quest for the perfect serum.

When you discover your skin care philosophy and combo it with who you want to serve, it is time to hit a trade show floor and ask a few skin care companies about their mission statement. Pick up some of the bottles on display and check out the ingredient deck.

When you invest time and energy into choosing a serum that you fully trust, you will become a results-based, serum-selling machine. 

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