Simplifying Men’s Skin Care


By 2022, the men’s market is expected to hit $166 billion, as more men gain knowledge about caring for their skin beyond their shaving routine and a bar of soap.1 Market research shows men have jumped from the basics of skin care such as cleansers, toners and moisturizers to the treatment products such as masks, serums and sunscreens. It also shows that many of them are ditching mass market products for professional products. Therefore, offering effective products, treatments and solutions will gain popularity over retailers and secure projected sales for the years to come.

Simplifying men’s skin care may come at a loss; however, not simplifying men’s skin care will come at a cost. From an industry perspective, carrying a plethora of products may seem like a good marketable approach. Yet, research shows that men are honing in on simple skin care that’s multifunctional. When it comes to these products, men are looking for the following characteristics.

Purpose. With the overwhelming spread of men’s skin care available, men are on the hunt to find products with deliverable claims. Men are demanding more from their grooming or skin care products. They have high expectations and would like to know that their product purchase serves a purpose and what that purpose is.

Problem solving. Men look at skin care as a solution to a problem.

Quality. When it comes to skin care, men choose quality over quantity.

Although the men’s skin care industry is thriving, this market is still scrambling to produce brands that provide functioning capabilities to maximize results. Skin care for men should be straightforward to solve problems and fit their lifestyle.

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Cole Patterson is a celebrity grooming expert and makeup artist specializing in male grooming in the film/television industry. She is also the founder of Cole Skincare for Men.

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