The Doctor’s In: Physicians' Increasing Interest in Skin Care


In “Dispensing Skin Care Physicians Moving Up to the Next Level,” Kline Blogs share its research on physicians dispensing skin care, including the brands they are interested in and have success with, as well as what attributes help them to sell skin care products in-office.

The post begins, “Almost one-fourth of dispensing physicians generate over 15% of their revenue from the sales of skin care products. [And] nearly three-fourths of dispensing physicians want to increase this proportion in 2014, finds Kline’s survey based on hundreds of in-depth interviews with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas that sell professional skin care products to their patients.”

Focusing on what is important to skin care-dispensing physicians, the post explains, “Contrary to popular belief, the strongest performance scores do not belong to the most renowned brands in the industry, but to medium-sized brands, some of which are relative newcomers. These mid-sized brands received several highest ratings on factors such as order-to-delivery time and customer service, manifesting opportunities for all brands—large and small—that know how to discern which areas are most important for clients and focus their efforts accordingly.”

Other considerations factor in for this retail setting as well. “Customer service and quick turnaround on order-to-delivery time are considered the most important benefits a marketer can offer by most physicians, with dermatologists deeming these attributes more important than the other types of physicians,” Kline shares. And, “The survey also looks at the role private-label products play in a doctor’s arsenal of therapies. While nearly one-third of the doctors currently offer private-label products, the future does not look significantly different in terms of the role these products will play. However, by physician type, the survey finds a wide margin of difference in importance of private-label products between plastic surgeons and dermatologists.”

In the Kline report “Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey” skin care marketers can learn more about understanding what doctors and spa professionals value most in skin care products. The report addresses questions such as: Which areas can be improved to ensure accounts continue to buy and grow? Which competitors currently disappoint and have their accounts potentially ripe for grabbing? How can suppliers adjust their value proposition to better resonate with accounts new or old?

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