Study Shows Nursing Shortages and Surpluses by State


In a study conducted by the Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies, it was reported that the East and West Coast will likely see a nursing shortage by the year 2025, where the middle of the country will most likely see a surplus. 

Arizona is projected to have the largest nurse shortage with roughly 28,100 fewer nurses than needed. However, Ohio is projected to have a surplus of 75,400 nurses by 2025. The study also found that: 

  • 34 states will see a surplus in nurses,
  • The second highest surpluses will be in Pennsylvania and New York with 25,800 and 23,400, respectively,
  • 16 states will see a shortage of nurses needed,
  • States like Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina and Washington are among the states that will see higher shortages. 
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