PuraCap Pharmaceutical Introduces Eptex Acne Formulas


PuraCap Pharmaceutical LLC introduces two new acne products to their Eptex line of skin repair formulations for teens and adults. Eptex Controlled Release Acne Wash and Eptex Controlled Release Acne Relief Lotion utilize controlled-release formulas that deliver treatment where it’s needed while minimizing the side effects typically associated with acne treatments by delivering proven actives gradually over time.  

“PuraCap has a strong, growing portfolio of dermatology products and continues to offer innovative solutions," said Dahai Guo, CEO of PuraCap Pharmaceutical. "We are committed to meeting the needs of people with dermatological conditions and are pleased to introduce Eptex Acne Wash and Acne Relief Lotion.”

Both non-prescription acne products contain MultiSal Neolipids, foundational lipids for skin barrier repair, and are available through healthcare professionals.

PuraCap is the maker of EpiCeram Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion, a prescription product indicated for atopic dermatitis and related skin conditions. The introduction of Eptex acne products adds to PuraCap's growing portfolio of dermatology products.

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