Course Created for Nail Tech/Physician Partnership

Woman receiving podiatry treatment in a Day Spa
Woman receiving podiatry treatment in a Day Spa
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Nailcare Academy, LLC has added a course that is designed to help nail technicians and spa owners work with physicians. The online course titled “Nail Technicians Working with Physicians” helps to take out the fear or uncertainty of collaborating with physicians. The course was written and narrated by Denise Baich, an advanced nail technician and medical nail technician with over 20 years of experience.

Nail Techs and Physicians

“Our mission in offering this program is to offer a path toward a new track for success for nail technicians,” Janet McCormick, co-founder of Nailcare Academy, LLC explains. To make that mission a success, this course explains three ways that a nail technician can work with a physician:

  • A technician who refers to and accepts referrals from a physician,
  • A technician working in a med spa, or
  • An employee of a physician or independent nail technician working directly with a physician.

The template created for this program supports important expansion opportunities for nail technicians in their professional career by guiding them to understand different considerations and tasks for reaching out to establish important contacts within the medical community.

The overall goal of this course is to help nail technicians and spa owners build up their success by helping them understand the importance of collaboration by taking them through steps to approach a medical practice, develop high success in these new paths the online course is providing and expand on opportunities that arise through different connections created from collaborating. This course has been considered an insurance policy by many to help nail technicians and spa owners that refer to physicians succeed.

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