The biostation Seeks Growth With Franchises and Partnerships


The Biostation has announced plans to expand their industry impact through establishing partnerships with spa and clubs, and opening up to franchise opportunities. In addition, the Biostation has announced the appointment of Debra Koerner as lead consultant.

Addressing Baby Boomer's Health

The Biostation is a medical facility that offers specialized treatments geared toward optimizing health and wellness, with a special focus on addressing the baby boomer generation. Some of the treatments and service provide by the Biostation include:

  • Medical esthetic services
  • IV and nutrient therapy programs
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  • Blood Panel Analysis and Testing
  • Men’s and Women’s Sexual Health Programs

“We recommend treatments that first attempt to address the root cause of the patient’s issues or concerns, such as vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, carrying too much weight and lifestyle choices. We address these concerns with pharmaceutical-grade supplements, bioidentical hormone therapy and nutritional counseling to help support a person back to a path of optimal wellness,” said Ross Bloom, Biostation CEO and co-founder.

Expanding Team

In addition to the plans of expanding its influences, the Biostation has also announced the appointment of Debra Koerner as a lead consultant.

“There is something extremely important about what the Biostation is offering. When I discovered they were on the verge of franchising and with my depth of experience in working with large franchise systems, I wanted to become part of their team. I fully believe the Biostation has the ability to impact our nation’s health in a meaningful way; I’m thrilled to work with the team to achieve this,” said Koerner. 

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