New York MedSpa Expands Menu with CBD, Microchanneling and More


Tribeca MedSpa, located in New York City, has added three new treatments to their spa menu to accompany the variety of treatments they already have including ultherapy, nova threads, photo facial and more. The three new treatments are the CBD Detox Facial, Microchanneling and Custom DOSE from Skinceutcals. 

CBD Detox Facial. This facial aims to increase circulation while reducing inflammation, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles. Anyone who has acne or rosacea can also benefit from this facial's anti-inflammatory properties. 

“It’s a really great treatment for the client that wants to relax but also wants to see amazing results,” explains Victoria Lewis, medical esthetician at Tribeca MedSpa.

Microchanneling Glow Facial. This treatment uses 24 karat, pure gold, surgical grade, stainless steel microchannels to create tiny punctures under the surface of the skin. From here, the treatment can insert vitamins, Botox, dermal fillers and hyaluronic acid into these tiny channels created in the skin.

“We’re super excited about this new treatment since we can customize it for pregnant clients. The ingredients we’re micro-channeling are completely safe for pregnant women as well as the LED light,” says Lewis.

Custom DOSE from Skinceuticals. This treatment allows the client to customize a serum designed for their specific skin and compounded in real time. This means the serum is filled with fresh ingredients for the client's skin. 

“There are so many different options with Custom DOSE, we can create one serum for day and night combined, or a separate day serum and night serum. Plus, [the client's] Custom DOSE serum is something that is going to evolve as [their] skin evolves and will change over time,” says Lewis.

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