Medical Meets Esthetics: Partners in Success

Free webinar: Medical Meets Esthetics: Partners in Success

Si0710 Cn Wojack Join Steven Dayan, MD, a recognized expert and leader in the field of facial plastic surgery, and Terri Wojak, a licensed esthetician and director of True University, as they discuss the secrets behind their success working side-by-side in a medical spa setting.

Date of Live Event: December 5, 2007
Cost: FREE
Si0709 Vp Wojack Terri
  • Find out how estheticians can help grow a medical business.
    Learn how estheticians can find the physician’s office that is the best fit for them.
  • Discover the responsibilities of the esthetician in a medical office.
  • Learn about the importance of following OSHA and HIPAA regulations.
  • Find out how to successfully refer patients between the medical and skin care portions of a business.

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