Include Yourself in Your Marketing Efforts


Competition is fierce—marketing just your skin care facility may not be enough. Following are seven ways to market your skin care facility and what it offers—which includes you.

1. Your business card should act as a miniature billboard. A business card should be utilized as a method of advertising for you and your services. It is imperative that your information is correct and the design is modern. Hand out your business cards with a skin care tip and a free sample, or give an introductory special card to welcome them to your business. This works wonders by enticing people to pay you a visit.

2. Give your skin care facility a face lift. When was the last time you viewed your treatment room as your clients do? Schedule an appointment for yourself, making notes of changes that should be made in order to rejuvenate the experience. Maybe it’s time for you to alter your skin care menu, redecorate your space or require your team members to update their education. If your skin care facility is not up–to–date, your clients will find a facility that is.

3. Stay social with your clients. Is your skin care facility on social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Build client loyalty and confidence by connecting with your clients through these tools. Also, revert back to classic ways of communication with clients by mailing out a postcard, creating a skin care newsletter or blog, or calling your clients to check the status of their skin care routine at home. And when you have some spare time, walk around your skin care facility’s waiting area and greet the clients who are there. People love to conduct business with those who are interested in getting to know them.

4. Become a source of education for your clients. Show your clients that you are more than a relaxation destination, and that you can offer them tips on improving their overall skin health. It is also valuable to confirm that the rest of your team members are on the same page. Be aware of the information your team is sharing with clients, and check that it is correct. The last thing you want is a client learning and passing on incorrect information citing your skin care facility as the source.

5. Name badges are a must. They open doors for you to gain potential clients by telling people your name, where you work and what you do for a living, and they encourage conversation. If your skin care facility does not supply you with one, get one made for yourself. Try wearing them when you are out and about to spark interest. You’ll find once people see your name badge, they may also ask for your business card to learn more about what you have to offer.

6. Partner with another business to open new doors. Connect with a physician, a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon, and offer a referral program. You will gain new clients by becoming your partners’ go-to skin care professional for their patients, and your new clients will trust you by association.

7. Be active in your community. Donate your time and services to local charities and organizations. In return, they can feature your skin care facility on their websites, and spread the news to their members. This can also be a great opportunity for you to engage your clients by sharing with them your participation in community groups. Taking part in charitable events also presents you with the chance to network with new potential clients by offering your business card and information about your services.

Whether you are a skin care facility owner or an esthetician, get out there, and be front and center. You will be glad you did.

Noreen+YoungNoreen Young is an educator and a skin therapist who owns her own beauty business in Florida. She is a sought-after speaker in the spa industry and a frequent contributing writer to spa trade publications.


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