[VIDEO] Then and Now: A 5-decade Skin Care Knowledge Bomb


As Skin Inc. celebrates our 30th Anniversary in 2018 and 2019, there is no one better to tap for industry knowledge than Danné Montague-King, who has witnessed the changes in professional skin care over the last 30 years...and then some.

Montague-King is, of course, the founder of DMK Skincare, but he is also an innovator, a pioneer, a forward-thinker and a philanthropist. Sit down with us and Montague-King and learn how he got started in skin care because of his own struggles with acne. Learn how he pioneered professional skin care for African-American skin, how he formulated his world-famous cryotherapy gel and how he gives back to LBGT youth as a global ambassador for the Harvey Milk Foundation.

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