[Podcast] 30 Years of Spa: A Celebratory Look Back



In 2018, Skin Inc. is celebrating our 30th Anniversary by celebrating 30 years of the spa industry. This year-long celebration is to honor the people, brands and businesses that made us who we are, and made the spa industry so great. To kick off our 30th Anniversary, I have been joined by five industry pioneers and some of our first authors on a podcast to take a look down the memory lane and a glance into the future.

Exploring questions such as, what technology changed your career, how has the client changed over the past 30 years, how has esthetics evolved and more are:


Rebecca Gadberry

The Ingredient Guru: Cosmetic Bioevangelist and recent co-founder of Mindful People, Rebecca Gadberry

Mark Lees

The Acne Aficionado and Founder/President of Mark Lees Skin Care, Mark Lees

Peter T. Pugliese, MD

The Cookie Doctor, Physiology Expert and Founder of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, Peter Pugliese, M.D.


Master of Retail and CEO/Founder of Beauteesmarts, Carol Phillips

Marion Simms

Spa Owner Extraordinaire and Founder of SkinSense Wellness Spa, Marion Simms


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