Terry Schatz Succeeds Bob Schatz as Bioelements CEO

Terry Schatz Bioelements CEO
Terry Schatz has been appointed Bioelements' CEO.
Photo Courtesy of Bioelements

Terry Schatz will succeed Bob Schatz as Bioelements' chief executive officer, the company announced. Bob Schatz is stepping away from the role at the family-owned brand started by his sister, Barbara Salomone, in 1991. Terry previously held the position of chief operating officer.

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“I have been preparing Terry for this role since he started with the company over 20 years ago, and he has fulfilled all my expectations,” said Bob Schatz. “Not only has Terry been incredibly effective as chief operating officer, but he literally embodies the heritage of this family-owned, independent company. I know my sister Barbara would be as proud as I am to see Terry take the reins of the brand she started so many years ago. Terry has demonstrated his range of management, acumen and curiosity that could not be more relevant or necessary to the success of Bioelements in the years ahead”.

Terry is only the 3rd CEO since the inception of Bioelements in 1991, and the second generation of Schatz to hold the position.

“I am humbled, appreciative, and thankful to lead such an incredible brand and team built over the last 30+ years,” said Terry Schatz. “I am proud of Bioelements' legacy as a family-owned, independent company, and I am excited for a future of impressive growth – including formula and ingredient innovations, new investments in company infrastructure, and fostering an environment of expansion and success.”

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