Aroma360 Interactive Scenting Kiosk Creates Sensory Experience to Influence Client Behavior

Aroma360 Interactive Scenting Kiosk
The Interactive Scenting Kiosk allows consumers to experience Aroma360's fragrance oils while checking out products.
Courtesy of Aroma360

Scent branding company Aroma360 has introduced the Interactive Scenting Kiosk (ISK), a free-standing LCD display with embedded essential oil diffusers that disperse Aroma360 fragrances. Combined with built-in speakers, the kiosk creates an interactive sensory experience to influence client engagement and purchasing behavior, and increase brand loyalty. 

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The spray caps in the ISK use cold air diffusion to transform fragrance oil into fine, dry nanoparticles that cover up to 4,000 square feet, providing consistent coverage with no residue. Scent diffusion can be programmed on a timer to disperse different scents at different times, either directly on the ISK itself or via a mobile app. The aluminum-framed ISK contains built-in speakers, allowing consumers to watch videos or check out products while experiencing the scent. 

"Diffusing a signature scent through the ISK can increase the intent to purchase by over 80%, making a scenting strategy a smart marketing tactic for businesses," said Nadira Persaud, chief marketing officer of Aroma360. "The ISK's design allows it to be placed in strategic locations, such as a high-traffic entryway, so you are better able to intersect with your customers and influence them both through the interactive display and scent dispersion. The ISK puts your branding where customers may not normally get to experience it."

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Aroma360 is already working with W South Beach, Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantis Paradise Island, Luxury Living, Palazzo Del Sol, Montage Beverly Hills, Ritz-Carlton spas and more.

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