Earth Day's 40th Anniversary to be Celebrated at Times Square

Following is information about how New York City is celebrating Earth Day ... how is your spa celebrating the importance of caring about the planet?

Earth Day will celebrate its 40th Anniversary on April 22nd, 2010. New York City will be hosting one of the world’s largest celebrations at the Crossroads of The World, Times Square.

Organizer Earth Day New York, in partnership with The City of New York, will host a public celebration in Times Square from 11 am to 2 pm on Earth Day this April 22. The celebration will be attended by a live audience and experienced by millions via television broadcast, online coverage and social networking media. During the three-hour show, environmental activists, business leaders, government officials and entertainers, all of whom are committed to protecting the Earth, will take to the stage on Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets. Mayor Michael Bloomberg will make his official Earth Day announcement at the event around midday. In addition to Mayor Bloomberg’s Earth Day message, personal greetings from renowned leaders of the environmental movement will be aired on a number of screens in Times Square.

Part of Times Square has been designated to house a number of informational booths on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd Streets. The booths will be on site from 8 am – 4 pm. Participants in Earth Day 40 celebrations, as this year’s 40th anniversary celebrations have been dubbed, will also have the opportunity to participate in Earth Day New York’s new “E” Campaign and the launch of a new peace sign for the environment.

By flashing the E sign, one can demonstrate a commitment to preserving and protecting life on Earth and take a public stand to join the environmental (E) movement. As the threat posed by climate change grows people need a way to come together in the belief that they can make a difference. The campaign will highlight choices made by all kinds of people to live greener, cleaner, and more sustainable lifestyles and emphasize the many ways one can make a difference on the myriad challenges faced.

Environmental activists Adrian Grenier, Matthew Modine, Ed Begley, Mariel Hemingway and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra have been photographed for the E.

Everyone can show their support for the environmental movement by flashing their right hand with the three center fingers sideways to form an “E,” as a symbol of their commitment to the Earth. The E campaign is hosted at, which includes a social networking component that allows participants to post their own E pictures and exchange ideas on how to put sustainability into practice.

In addition to Earth Day celebrations at Times Square, Earth Day New York will be producing a number of other celebratory events. Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall will be home to a six-day indoor EarthFair, and Vanderbilt Avenue will be closed off for a two-day festival.

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