NPD Says Eco-beauty Products Still Have Growth Potential


The NPD Group reported that there is a continuing growth opportunity for “eco-beauty” products, defined as being either natural, organic, green/eco-friendly or socially conscious/responsible beauty products.

The report, Natural-Organic Trends in Beauty 2008, found that at least two out of three beauty product users say they are interested in some form of eco-beauty products.

“Whether the consumer demand is driven by the desire to save the planet, concerns about product safety and potential health risks, or just being ‘on-trend,’ being part of the current environmental movement makes good business sense,” said Karen Grant, vice president and senior global beauty industry analyst.

Natural beauty products are the most developed of these categories with about two-thirds (64%) of women who use beauty products saying they have used the natural types. That is at least twice as many women who said they have used organic (32%) or green/eco-friendly (26%) products.

Socially conscious/responsible beauty products are second in popularity in terms of usage, with almost four out of 10 women saying they have used these products, NPD reported.

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