Dr. Sebi's Daughter Opens Wellness Retreat With Mini-Spa


Kellie Bowman, daughter of the renowned herbalist and healer Alfredo Bowman (aka Dr. Sebi), owner of Sebi's Daughters and licensed nurse, has opened the Honduran Experience Wellness Center in Atlanta.

The Honduran Experience Wellness Center will offer products, a mini-spa, private consultations and Pilates classes. Sebi’s Daughters will also launch a new line of products including Sebi Sicles, a wellness frozen treat, and Candy Butter, a hair and body moisturizer.

Kellie Bowman is putting together an exhibit that will honor her father, showing attendees “how he came from being Alfredo Bowman into Dr. Sebi.” It will showcase photos, products he developed, information about court cases, items from his hobbies and personal items.

“I decided during COVID that I didn’t just want to offer a store,” said Bowman. “I wanted it to be a serious experience. We’ve been through so much. I wanted for people to feel that innermost natural part of themselves — to de-escalate from all the anxieties. I want to bring calm to your door.”

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