EltaMD Skin Care Launces Sun Safety Campaign

Photo: EltaMD's Facebook.
Photo: EltaMD's Facebook.

EltaMD Skin Care is launching its Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes campaign to encourage everyone to check and protect skin to help reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

Throughout May, EltaMD is partnering with a wide array of board-certified dermatologists including Muneeb Shah, Britt Craiglow, Luke Maxfield and Kavita Mariwalla, to help provide education around skin cancer prevention via EltaMD's Instagram.

Also in May, EltaMD will spread a sun safety message across the country with skin health bus tours, partnering with a variety of non-profits including Destination: Healthy Skin with the Skin Cancer Foundation, Colorado Melanoma Foundation Sun Bus and Epiphany Health Sun Bus, visiting more than 60 U.S. cities. 

Users can also participate in the EltaMD SPF Daily, Win Daily Sweepstakes hosted on the site, for a chance to win an EltaMD Sun Safety Kit for head-to-toe protection every day of the month.

To help drive awareness on the importance of taking a proactive approach to sun safety, EltaMD has partnered with actor and skin cancer survivor, Brooke Shields.

Shields said, "As a skin cancer survivor, I know how dangerous this disease can be if not treated early. In 2013, after a routine checkup with my dermatologist, a precancerous condition, solar keratosis, caused by sun damage, was found on the top of my lip. I never would have known had it not been for my annual checkup. It's a reminder to us all on the importance of prevention and early detection. My family and I practice sun safety including scheduling our annual dermatologist exams, performing self-checks at home and wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily."

Echo Sandburg, CMO of EltaMD said, "This Skin Cancer Awareness month we wanted to break misconceptions about skin cancer with a campaign dedicated to every body, and every part of the body. We'll celebrate the feet, hands, ears, and more—reminding people not to forget all parts of our bodies when applying sunscreen and checking for moles. Because every shoulder, knee and knuckle could use a little love."

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