XpresSpa Increases Exposure With Second Phoenix Location


A leader in airport spas XpresSpa has announced the opening of its second spa location at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which will be located in B Gates, B15-28.

Treatments in 30 Minutes or Less      

XpresSpa offers quick treatments for the traveler on-the-go, which are completed in 30 minutes or less. Among some of the treatments that XpresSpa offers include massages, stress and tension release, manicures, pedicure, facials, waxings and nail services.  

Expansion Strategy

The new location comes at a time that XpresSpa is trying to increase its visibility in the airport retail environment. Currently, XpresSpa uses the same multi-unit strategy in 12 of the highest volume airports in the United States.

"Because of the unique nature of the airport retail environment with its captive audience and extended time spent within airport terminals due to security protocols, we have found success implementing our multi-unit strategy in over half of the airports in which we operate, with more to come," said Ed Jankowski, CEO of XpresSpa. "We are finding that multi-unit venues are generating brand visibility that is central to further developing trust with our customers.” 

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