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To purchase the Rendezvous Appointment Book app please visit www.rendezvousenterprises.com.

Now available in the iTune's App Store, the Rendezvous Appointment Book presents a simpler way to create and manage appointments. It’s an uncomplicated scheduling app. Nothing else.

Rendezvous’ sole purpose is to replace the paper appointment book for specific business segments, from hairstylists, manicurists, fitness and physical trainers, dance instructers, to tutors and music teachers—virtually anyone who provides services to many clients a day.

Rendezvous is a back-to-basics app for users who have found the feature-rich calendar scheduling apps have many more features than is wanted, much less understood. No need for all of the bells and whistles. Watch the No Bells—No Whistles video below.

Key Features

  • Just two taps—fast appointment creation. Tap and hold anywhere on the day or week calendar, select a time and the Appointment Entry form appears with a list of clients. Tap the client’s name, then tap to save—the appointment is set. Plus new clients can be added while making an appointment.
  • Double-booking. Rendezvous has a double-booking feature. More than one appointment can be scheduled to overlap for those times when multiple clients are being served.
  • Fast “floating” appointment rescheduling. Tapping on an appointment lifts it off the calendar. Then it can be moved to another time, or move the calendar itself to another day and time. Tap again on the appointment and it is dropped onto the new time.
  • Client address book and e-mail service. Included in Rendezvous is a client “address book” that stores clients names, phone, email, address and notes. Clients can be brought in from Contacts or added manually—either way all historical appointment data and notes is archived and available at any time.

    Appointment reminders can be directly sent by email from here. Plus, complete client and appointment data can be backed up to iCloud as week as extracted in CSV format, that can be opened in Numbers, Microsoft Excel, a text editor or a database.
  • Quick-start. Rendezvous was also designed get the user up and running in as few minutes as possible. No need to register, straightforward settings, Help Hints available with one tap, as well as an extensive “Mega-help” user guide on-board with tutorials. Its visual simplicity makes if easy to manage appointments from five calendar views.

Pricing & Download

Rendezvous Appointment Book for iPad is available for download in the iTunes App Store for $3.99 and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

To purchase your Rendezvous Appointment Book app, or to learn more about the company, visit www.rendezvousenterprises.com.

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