La Roche-Posay North American Foundation Awards Three Grant Winners


The La Roche-Posay North American Foundation awarded grants to three 2016 winners for their ground-breaking projects in dermatology. Winners are voted on by La Roche-Posay and a board of certified dermatologists, who encourage residents, fellows and practitioners with at least two years beyond training to develop innovative programs.

The three grant winners include:

  • Cory Simpson, M.D., Ph.D., resident physician, department of dermatology of University of Pennsylvania: Granted $10,000 for his project directed at keratinocytes. He is attempting to understand the mechanisms that regulate the process and how it can be altered in aging, skin cancer and disorders.


"I'll translate my findings to a 3-D skin model that replicates the normal histology of the epidermis within two weeks. With this unique platform, I can assess effects of drug treatments or genetic manipulation," shared Simpson.


  • Karen Yan Kuo, M.D., resident in dermatology, Stanford School of Medicine: Received $5,000 for studying Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis. She is providing new genetic markers for patients based on skin cancer risk and prevention.


”We believe the knowledge of an individual's susceptibility of skin cancer will change health behaviors. Our dream is to use personal genotype information in clinic to alter behaviors and lower risk,” said Yan Kuo.


  • Michele Zerah, M.D., internal medicine/dermatology resident, PGY2, Medstar Washington Hospital Center: Granted $5,000 for researching vitamin D levels and comparing different regimens of supplementation. The results could change the primary care practices of prescriptions and help with further research.


"This will directly measure vitamin D levels to compare different regimens of supplementation,” said Zerah. “The results may change primary care practices on prescriptions and facilitate avenues of further research."

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