Bioelements Celebrates 25 Years

biolelemtns bill

This year, Bioelements is celebrating its 25th year of business in the professional skin care industry. The brand was started in 1991 by Barbara Salomone, founder and CEO of Bioelements. She launched her line of professional and at-home use products, backed by the custom blending concept.

Salomone herself has a rich history in esthetics. In 1985, she became one of the first licensed estheticians in America, and that same year opened her advanced education learning center. Bioelements was born from her dissatisfaction with skin care available back then, as she wanted estheticians to be able to hone in on any type of client with every kind of concern, rendering limitless treatment options.

“We're excited to celebrate our first 25 years!," said Salomone. "Since we started, we've seen a lot of changes, trends and fads in skin care. But our goal has always been to define the industry, not react to it. We're still a family owned business, and we have dedicated ourselves to the esthetician above all else. As we move forward, we will continue to seek out the best solutions for clients' biggest concerns – inside the treatment room and at-home.”

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