Insight Software Celebrates 25 Years


Syntec Business Systems, Inc. is celebrating its 25th year anniversary of developing Insight Salon & Spa Software.

"Since 1991, we have been devoted to the success of salons and spas around the world. The foundations for Insight began with a six-chair hair salon all those years ago. Now, Insight serves 42,000 users in 26 countries, with the number continuing to grow every day," said Trevor Radke, president of Syntec.

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Insight has stayed current throughout the years, releasing online booking software, smartphone and tablet apps, text message marketing and a Cloud version of the software. Now, just in time for its anniversary, Insight announced the launch of a membership module to serve salons and spas who want to take advantage of this trending business model.

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"Over the 25 years, we have evolved with the growth of the beauty industry and the shifts in technology. As innovators, we constantly add and expand features and tools to give businesses the power and control they need," said Steven Wiberg, lead developer.

Insight also supports clients from sectors like tattoo studios, medical clinics, retail stores, schools and fitness centers.

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