GWI Incites Action With Wellness Moonshot Calendar


The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) launched the next steps in their Wellness Moonshot of curing the world of preventable disease. This next phase has been titled "The Wellness Moonshot Calender: A Year of Inspiration," and it is acting as a call to action to build healthier cultures within companies and workplaces around the world. 

“We know that The Wellness Moonshot Calendar can have an exponentially growing impact: our goal is to get the leaders of hundreds of thousands of organizations to commit to healthier work cultures, and they can then in turn impact the employees they supervise in a meaningful way,” noted Susie Ellis, GWI chairman and CEO. 

The Call to Action

The organization that choose to participate in this phase of the Wellness Moonshot will receive a 2019 calender that is designed to inspire, as well as tangible monthly ideas, tips and information to aid in engaging employees around a particular wellness theme. The participating organizations should hang this calender in prominent spots in their offices.

Jessica Jesse, CEO of BuDhaGirl, designed these calenders to revolve around the cycles of the full moon, which acts as the period of the lunar cycle that emits the most vibrant energy.

Why Work Wellness?

Adults spend majority of their time working, and after analyzing research, the GWI found that over three-quarters of all employees report struggling with their well-being. While roughly 10-15% of global economic output is represented by the cost of unwellness in the workplace, only 9% of the world's workforce has access to wellness programs. 

“If you really want to move the needle on preventable disease and create high employee engagement, you must create an everyday culture of well-being at work. The Wellness Moonshot Calendar gives leaders fresh and practical ideas every month to realize the kind of work environment where people bring their best, and leave work more well, happier and more capable than when they arrived," explained Renee Moorefield, chair of the GWI's Wellness at Work Initiative, CEO of the leadership development firm Wisdom Works. 

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