How to Help Your Client Suffering from Hair Loss


Cancer Hair Care is launching the "Hair Loss Friendly" campaign in 2019. This campaign has a goal of making everywhere welcome to people with hair loss, and they are doing this by encouraging places of work, education, well-being and everyday life to take a few steps toward breaking down the barriers for people with hair loss.

The first project the campaign will be working on will be teaching spa professionals and spa owners how they can make their facilities hair loss friendly. Resources like, training videos, downloadable guidance and social media campaigns will be fueling the movement to help inform, engage and inspire people in the industry.


What is a Hair Loss Friendly Spa?

The main point of the campaign reaching out to spas is to show them how to offer thoughtful touches to their spa (i.e. a wig stand, head scarf, access to scalp care guidance, etc.). Champneys is one of the first spas to jump on-board with this campaign to help their clients and future clients who are suffering from hair loss.

"When a woman loses her hair, it is often a traumatic experience. Left unsupported, she can experience image anxiety and isolation. There are many subtle barriers that unintentionally result in women with hair loss not accessing nourishing experiences that could boost their self-confidence," explained Jasmine Julia Gupta, founder Cancer Hair Care.

Becoming Friendly Toward Hair Loss

The campaign itself will show spas how to take each spa guest on a journey from booking to post-treatment support. Support the campaign by watching the free videos that provide guidance to spa owners on becoming more thoughtful toward guest with hair loss. 

Contact the campaign for more information or to provide support:  [email protected].

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