Make Scents Natural Spa Line Announces Partnership


Make Scents Natural Spa Line has partnered up with the Spa Mart to expand its natural skin care line further into the spa industry. The pairing started when the two companies realized they both had very similar interests and viewpoints when it comes to the industry.

“We have similar business philosophies,” explains Make Scents Natural Spa Line owner, Heather Kreider. “It’s a partnership we absolutely love and are proud to share the news.”

The Spa Mart focuses on three elements — bringing up-to-date brands and training materials, offering user-centered benefits and Spa Commons. Meanwhile, Make Scents Natural Spa Line has a distinct focus on providing high quality, ethical products. 

“The Spa Mart is a phenomenal partner. Their philosophy to help companies and individuals reach their full potential speaks to our clients who desire curated products that respect the health and well-being of their bodies and the planet,” said Kreider. 

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