GWS Debuts Neil Grimmer to Discuss Personalized Nutrition


Neil Grimmer, founder and CEO of Habit, will be a keynote speaker at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit. Grimmer has a strong passion for nutrition and a goal to revolutionize the way the world looks at and approaches the diet industry.

The 2018 Global Wellness Summit's theme has industry leaders looking at the current business landscape and upcoming trends of the global wellness economy; Grimmer fits in perfectly with this theme as healthy eating makes up $648 billion of one of the ten diverse segments of the wellness economy.

Grimmer works to change people's perspectives from 'you are what you eat,' to 'you should eat what you are.' "Our entire mission at Habit is to optimize wellness through the understanding of the entire body, and I can’t think of a better audience to share this with than the delegates at the Global Wellness Summit," Grimmer commented.

“Neil is on a mission to change the world through food and is the living embodiment of his work. His passion for holistic health and wellness–and how to achieve it–will no doubt inspire Summit delegates,” said Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of the GWS.

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