Valerie Beverly Hills Partners with Zazú Salons


Valerie Beverly Hills has partnered with Zazú Salons to be the first hair salon outside of California to carry its makeup line. To better understand the partnership and get some insight into the future, Skin Inc. sat down with Valerie Sarnelle, founder of Valerie Beverly Hills, and Anthony Segretto, COO of Zazú Salons.

A Match Made in Heaven

Sarnelle was purposefully picky when deciding who she believed would do her brand justice. She put a lot of time, effort and commitment into this brand, and because of this there were many offers for collaborations that she turned down. However, she explained how Zazú's offer was different and her friend Lorie was actually the matchmaker between the brands. Sarnelle further explained the partnership saying "it's a win-win for the both us. I get to grow my brand, and they get something unique."

To properly incorporate the brand into the salon, Zazú decided that they will be hosting a contest. Whoever sells the most makeup between the four different salon locations will go to Los Angeles with Sarnelle to have her teach them. While Sarnelle is a beauty guru, she delightedly discussed how "I've learned so much by going to this store, the whole experience."

Both Sarnelle and Segretto were able to agree that no matter what, this was definitely a great fit for the both of them. "I waited 35 years before I found the right partners to do this with in Chicago," Valerie proudly stated.

The Main Event

Zazú Salons hosted events in two of their four locations to celebrate the partnership. Segretto explained, "This was our very first serious investment with a serious makeup line, and that's why we were very excited." 

Segretto continued to explain how they were excited from the beginning, but were ecstatic when they got to test out the products. "We wanted to be able to do something that would reach out biggest clientele base," Segretto continued.

This event also provided the first taste on how the partnership will make the services and products become better through hands-on training. "Our customers will be able to rely on the service getting better and better much like [Valerie's] goal was on creating her line, our goal is on the service side," Segretto said.

What's to Come

The goal the two brands share is to be able to provide a complete service where a hair dresser and a makeup artist will come, completely trained with Valerie's travel bag. The customer will then get their hair and makeup done, and it will be unlike anything else.

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