UK Spa Tackles Plastic Crises


Titanic Spa, located in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom is taking the single-use plastic crises head on with a new environmental initiative aimed at decreasing the use of plastic bottles, straws and cups.

Natural Kirklees’ Environmental Alliance and volunteers from Huddersfield pharmaceutical company Thornton & Ross joined the Titanic Spa team to clean the local Lowestwood Pond. The team removed more than 500 plastic water bottles—which can take approximately 1,000 years to decompose—and sent them to be recycled.

Additionally, the spa has stopped the use of single-use plasticware in its own facilities, in favor of recyclable paper alternatives, and has introduced branded re-usable water bottles that can be filled directly from a natural source.

Titanic Spa is powered by solar panels and utilizes a natural water spring to fill its pools; Yorkshire is home to some of the U.K.’s cleanest water, located 100 meters below the spa.

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