How Waxing Kara Keeps Bees Happy


The global bee population is in danger, making it important for brands using bee-derived ingredients to do so responsibly. Kara Brook, owner of Waxing Kara, is one such brand, dedicating 40 acres of land to an apiary that keeps her bees happy.

Brook manufactures a host of products for the spa industry with bee-derived ingredients such as honey and beeswax. Products include lip balms, soaks, candles, masks, scrubs, butters and more.

The Property

Brook manages a 40 acre farm specifically for bees. She took out genetically modified crops from the area and put in high nectar yielding plants, like wildflowers, lavender, fruit trees, bee balm, buckwheat, clover and more. But the farming didn't stop there, as these plants needed to be tailored for healthier, happier bees.

Through the help of a consulting ecologist, she is working toward building a safe habitat for the bees through upgrading different seed mixtures, nutrition and maintenance.

"When I started this adventure, I knew that farming choices would impact the yield or outcome of the honey and wax production...I have worked with at least five different farmers who have helped me over the years." Brook explained.

"This year we are integrating patches of hybrid sunflower, non-GMO safflower and sweet clover. All to feed the bees," Brook further explained.

For the Spa

Spas can join Brook on the initiative to help the honey bees by choosing product manufactures that source bee-derived ingredients sustainably.

"[The spas that I work with] see I am creating this field of work by blending my deep love for the farm, the Chesapeake Bay, art and nature, and they like to share my story with their clients."

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