Live Longevi-T and Prosper: Texas’ New Wellness Spa


Kim Carrington and Teresa Morrow have joined forces to detox residents of Waxahachie, Texas as co-owners to open Longevi-T Wellness Spa.

As reported by the Daily Light, Carrington and Marrow jokingly refer to one another as “yin and yang,” with Carrington bringing the business sense and Morrow offering healing techniques and modalities. Together, the two have opened a spa which offers four primary services: an infrared sauna, BioMat and Dead Sea mud baths and foot detoxes.

Each service is centered around detoxing. The infrared sauna detoxes the body through rays penetrated two to three inches into the skin, offered in 30-minute sessions; the BioMat, “an infrared sauna on steroids,” penetrates six to eight inches into the skin and includes amethyst crystals.

The Dead Sea mud bath detoxifies the cells through absorption into the skin, while the Dead Sea foot sees clients soaking their feet in warm water and array oil while wearing an electromagnetic bracelet. As the small circuit flows through the body, the water starts to change colors to reflect what is being pulled from the body.

“Everything in here is dedicated to holistic, wellness treatments and we encourage people to live better,” Carrington told the publication. “We also offer nutritional supplements. Everything here is organically geared toward feeling better, living better, looking better and healthier.”

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