Winners In Sustainability Announced


The Green Spa Network recently announced the winners of the 2017, sixth annual Sustainability Awards. These awards are designed to acknowledge different brands and businesses in the spa industry that are making an effort toward being environmental responsibility for both people and the planet. 

“By recognizing the achievements in spa and sustainability, GSN elevates the awareness of success stories to inspire and create positive change,” said Karen Short, GSN board president in an article from

The awards are designed to recognize and celebrate significant accomplishments that different spas and brands have made or implemented within the spa industry. The Green Spa Network encourages the public to make recommendations for who they believe should be winning these awards as well as provides a knowledgeable judging panel of people in the spa industry and dedicated to helping the planet and the people.

Sustainability Awards and Winners

Dedicated Contributor: Given to those who support and contribute to the growth of the Green Spa Network.

  • Winner: Michael Bruggeman

Visionary Award: Given to the individual(s) that are working toward and setting the standard for sustainability in the spa and wellness industry.

  • Winner: Paul Hawken

Sustainable Building: Given to the brands and properties that implement and use sustainable building practices from materials to techniques.

  • Winner: Mohonk Mountain House

Innovative Sustainability Initiative: Given to a spa or spa supplier who implemented a program that supports and reflects sustainability and social responsibility for the people and the planet.

  • Winner: St. Julien

Leadership in Sustainability for a Day Spa and Wellness Center: Given to a spa and wellness center that represents commitment to sustainability through concept and operations of programming, services, employee well-being or community impact.

  • Winner (Day Spa): Complexion Spa
  • Winner (Wellness Center): Spa Anjali

Sustainable Spa Brand in Beauty, Equipment and Retail: Given to a personal care brand, spa equipment supplier and retail supplier that shows sustainability in purpose through the materials and packaging they use, the community impact or their operational practices.

  • Winner (Beauty): Honua
  • Winner (Equipment): Comphy Co.
  • Winner (Retail): Lotus Wei
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