Lynelle Lynch Partners with ISPA on Get Your Dream Job


Lynelle Lynch, owner of the San Diego-based Bellus Academy and president of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, is collaborating with the Internatioanl Spa Association on its website Get Your Dream Job, per an interview with

Get Your Dream job aims to help solve the spa industry’s staffing issues by offering resources such as tools to find a school, scholarships and job openings. Often, says Lynch, a career in the spa industry is not presented as a viable career option.

“The real tragedy of the industry is one of perception,” she told the publication. “I see so many people coming to our school who have been pressured to go to either a university, or try other careers, because beauty and wellness isn’t perceived as the path to a successful career. But it can be a wonderful path.”

She adds: “The Get Your Dream Job website features all of the assets for both salons, and spas to print and share, which we hope will inspire them to talk to their guests about the tremendous value of employment in the spa and the salon industries.”

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