Combating Aging Has Never Looked So Good


Looking to help your clients combat the signs of aging? At this year’s Face & Body Northern California spa expo and conference, many exhibitors participating will be demonstrating and offering products with the aim of anti-aging

Here are just a sampling of a few exhibitors you will be able to see at the expo. 

DMK-Danné Montague-King (Booth: 106)

DMK will be demonstrating their signature enzyme treatment, true oxygen therapy and a trans-epidermal fusion using the new DMK Nutrascreen. The booth will be selling their fundamentals kits, which include one professional treatment, along with 30 days of take-home prescriptives. 

Mark Lees Skincare, Inc. (Booth: 1108)

The booth will be promoting Dr. Lees’ book at special prices, along with selling a moisture support system for aging skin, a protocol kit for aging skin and plenty of other Mark Lees products for other skin care concerns. 

MedSpa Distributors (Booth: 205)

MedSpa Distributors plan to show demonstrations of their DiamondTome microexfoliation hand treatments. The booth will also be selling various anti-aging products including, Viktoria DéAnn pepti series and Bel Mondo Beauty biocellulose masks.

Société Clinical Skincare (Booth: 1602)

Société Clinical Skincare will be selling their anti-aging kit along with various kits from their skincare line. The booth will also be demonstrating an oxygen treatment for the treatment of acne and pigmentation.  

Click here to browse a full exhibitor list at Face & Body Northern California. 

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