Spavia Named One of Top 500 Franchise Companies in 2020

spavia list

Spavia Day Spa has been named #109 on the top 500 franchise companies in 2020 by Entrepreneur Magazine, moving up on the list from its position at #258 in 2019. 

The Spavia brand offers a menu of spa treatments such as massages, skin care, waxing, body treatments and treatments designed for men. It also offers spa robes, sandals and amenities.

Marty Langenderfer, Spavia CEO and co-founder said, “We are honored to be considered one of the top franchisers in the United States. In 2020, we worked fervently through so many challenges with Covid and closely focused on our franchisees, guests, and team members to get through this difficult period and emerge stronger as a brand."

Langenderfer added, "Spavia looks forward to a bright 2021 and we are excited to deliver an exceptional spa franchise and spa experience opportunity that includes the extra touches like luxurious spa robes, exotic teas and aromatherapy, common characteristics of day spas. We’ve had so many massage clinics add facial treatments to their services and then put on a label of spa, but the educated guest knows the difference. Our spa franchise locations have really strong ties in their local communities. Many in our local communities rallied to support our Spavia locations during Covid. We would like to thank all the members, guests, team members and of course our owners for the tremendous support and efforts we have felt over the past year.”

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