Touch-Free Wellness Spa Opens in Maryland

The Infrared Sauna Pod. Photo: Touch-Free Spa's Instagram.
The Infrared Sauna Pod. Photo: Touch-Free Spa's Instagram.

The Touch-Free Wellness Spa, located in Towson, Maryland, has opened its doors at the right time. This spa offers services that involve zero physical touch, creating a socially distanced environment. 

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The spa offers touch-free services including:

  • Cryo Therapy-Full Body which reaches temperatures of -140°C / -220°F.

  • Infrared Sauna Pod features dual-detox and offers the full spectrum of infrared rays (near, mid, and far infrared). 

  • Hyrdo Massage Chair uses internal water jets that can move the length of the chair and are controlled by the user. 

  • Anti-Gravity Robotic Massage Chairs give a comprehensive back massage that targets the acupuncture points and is said to elongating the spine, improve posture and eliminate tension.

  • Lympthatic Compression Massage use an air compression suit to send air pressure up the body.

  • Vibroacoustic Lounge Bed uses low level harmonic frequencies in the field of sound, light, frequency and vibrations.

The spa also offers its Weight Loss/Body Tone Program. This program includes a consultation with a nutrition specialist, homeopathic supplements, a body composition analysis reports as well as three times a week guest partake in the Whole Body Vibration workouts, Lymphatic Compression Message and Infrared Sauna Pod Treatments.

This is available in 23 days or 41 days programs. 

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