18 Massage Educators Named IMA Ambassadors


The International Massage Association (IMA) has acknowledged 18 industry leaders in massage therapy, naming them IMA Educational Ambassadors as a way to recognize their efforts to support the profession through elevated training and workshops. 

The ambassadors are all dedicated educators, school owners or educators, and massage teachers in their respective countries. With the help of these educational ambassadors, IMA aims to raise the bar by continuing to elevate massage therapist and educator training.

2020 IMA Educational Ambassadors

  • Jean-Guy de Gabriac, Belgium/France
  • Motoc Iulian, Romania
  • Chutima Hälg, Switzerland/Thailand
  • Moshe Moreno, Israel
  • Gligoris Voltis, Germany
  • Elvira Gentile, Italy
  • Emma Gilmore, England
  • Christina Blei-Amadoelrasit, Holland
  • Ivan Conversano, Italy
  • Joe Lavin, USA
  • Marie Keller, Sweden
  • Khatuna Urushadze, Georgia
  • Milda Gintiliene, Lithuania
  • Laila Roge, Latvia
  • Paris Siolos, Greece
  • Anna Baroni, Italy
  • Petra Voltis, Germany
  • Ryan Hoyme, USA
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