Catherine & Co Salon and Spa Celebrates 25 Years

Photo Credit: Catherine & Co Salon's Facebook.
Photo Credit: Catherine & Co Salon's Facebook.

Catherine & Co, a Connecticut salon and spa, is celebrating 25 years of business this 2020, according to My Record Journal.

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Catherine Stowik, owner of Catherine & Co., opened a salon in Meriden, Connecticut and started with one location and three employees. 

Now, Stowik opened a second location in Westbrook called Catherine & Company II A Shoreline Salon and has a total of 15 employees. This salon only does full service hair and facial waxing. 

Stowik said, “Every six months to a year we had a new addition. We kept growing and growing. We do everything. Something that I’ve learned is that there is no such thing as the perfect time. There’s no such thing as the perfect amount of money. You just have to trust your gut.” 

Rosanne Ford, president of the Midstate Chamber of Commerce, said, “It certainly is a silver lining during these tough pandemic times that we’re in, that we’re able to support new businesses but more importantly this milestone for Catherine and her business. Twenty-five years is an amazing feat for any business.”

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