A Good Influence with Cornelia Zicu of Red Door Spas


Cornelia Zicu’s Romanian roots and international travels have given her a wealth of knowledge about indigenous skin care remedies and secret family beauty recipes. Zicu, global chief creative officer of Red Door Spas, is also an industry pioneer and visionary when it comes to beauty innovation. Before joining Red Door Spas, Zicu’s ventures included the famous Cornelia Day Spa on Fifth Avenue and the Peninsula Hotel Spa in Manhattan.

Q: Who are your mentors?

A: “My grandmother and mother taught me the importance of taking care of myself. They also taught me to respect and understand nature. Later, I was lucky to be around renowned scientists, such as Stefan Ionescu-Cälineşti, PhD, and herbalist, Ovidiu Bojor. Both are brilliant and have dedicated their lives to encode nature from science. They built into me the passion for study and to become an autodidact on biology and physiology. I have been lucky enough to work at Red Door Spa where CEO, Todd Walter, is my business mentor. In life, everything is an evolution, and it is important to have great mentors at certain points in your career, like I did.”

Becoming a skin care pro

“I love to use my passion and knowledge to empower others, because I truly believe healthy skin is part of great self-esteem. I am honored to be a part of this industry with a goal to create a positive, peaceful and beautiful world.”

Staying current

“At Red Door Spa, I listen to our team and clients, and constantly study, staying in contact with innovators and scientists, and learning from other industries.”

Favorite products

“My favorite products are the ones that offer repair and prevention and at the same time. As an example, the new Red Door Spa Professional skin care line and Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage line are now my favorites.”

Favorite treatment

“I have passion but not patience, which is why everything I use during treatment has to deliver instant gratification.”


“I live to give. I believe that my mission in life is to offer as many people as possible an experience to remember. My dream in the near future is to empower others by building their confidence and giving them hope. Life is great! We have to live it to the fullest every second.”

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