Aquagene Spa

Because of its gorgeous seaside location and family-oriented nature, Aquagene Spa in the Pink Shell Beach Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, offers an escape from the ordinary spa. Avoiding the traditional muted, relaxing colors that most facilities use in their decor, Aquagene features a palette of bright purples and teals to back up its claim of being a fun respite for adults and children alike.

According to Betty Jane Grieco, spa director, this focus is not only the direction that Aquagene is taking, but is a trend in the spa industry, as well. “We want families to enjoy services. It’s fun—not stuffy and so private that you can’t walk in and take a tour. More and more younger people are going to spas,” she says.

Aquagene opens its facility from 6–9 pm to host spa parties, which originated as bridal party gatherings, but have expanded to include any group that would like to reserve the space. With a healthy spa cuisine menu that includes veggie wraps and salads with Gulf Coast shrimp, it can be transformed at night to feature candlelight and more upbeat music. Grieco says that the atmosphere is similar to that of a cocktail party.

“We have a ladies’ group that comes in to brainstorm and break down barriers, and even men come in for bachelor parties,” she explains. Although this may seem unusual, she states that 50% of Aquagene’s clients are males of all ages. Because of this, the spa is looking to expand its range of men’s skin care treatments and is seeking a men’s-only line of products.

One of the spa’s specialties is its couples treatment room that features a dual shower, enabling couples to shower together while rinsing off scrub treatments for a completely intimate experience. They then can return to the table and have their facials immediately.

Another room, the Spa Suite, has one bed that allows a team of therapists to perform multiple services at the same time, including a massage, facial and pedicure. “It’s like heaven! You feel more relaxed than if you were here for two hours. People are like that, even on vacation—they don’t want to cut into their beach time,” Grieco notes.

In the future, Aquagene would like to continue offering more specialized therapies, such as craniosacral, lymphatic drainage and Reiki. Grieco doesn’t envision taking the medical spa route anytime soon. “We’re not a fitness resort. People come here to unwind, be at the beach, have a margarita and enjoy spa treatments,” she says. And as long as this upbeat spa caters to the needs of its clientele, it will enjoy a place in the sun for a long time to come.

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