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Inspired by the industry and the people she works with, Heidi Lamar, owner of The Lamar Everyday Spa, has found success with her Scottsdale, Arizona, facility. However, her inspiration isn’t solely limited to business achievements. In response to recent natural disasters and other devastating events, Lamar founded Spas for the Cause, a Web site gathering funds and resources for those facing hardships.
      “We founded when Hurricane Katrina happened. Our staff wanted to do something to help, and we were frustrated that there was not a quick and easy way to spread the word about our fundraising event,” Lamar says. “I created so that when the need arose, any spa anywhere could post their event and let the community know what they were doing to help.”
      The concept behind the Web site is simple—clients purchase a treatment and spa employees donate time, so all of the proceeds can benefit organizations such as the American Red Cross. For The Lamar Everyday Spa’s efforts, Lamar found a local agency to match the donated funds, doubling the contributions, and donors were able to enjoy a professional spa treatment, help a worthy cause and come together with other members of the community to voice their thoughts and concerns. “The people who work in spas are caregivers by nature,” explains Lamar. “They spend their lives taking care of others and have enormous hearts. Spas for the Cause is a simple way for them to help the people in need and those whose hearts go out to them.”
      Lamar also explains that, with the help of other companies, all funds donated through Spas for the Cause can go to the organizations and people who need them most. “We do not derive any profit from, and there is no charge to use it,” she says. “The creation and hosting has been gifted by our Web host, Click Computers.” And the Web site can be a source for any spas that want to give back in this way. “Please let anyone who might be planning a benefit for the San Diego fires—or any other worthy cause—know that the site is a free resource for them,” says Lamar.

      For more information on Spas for the Cause, go to To read more about Heidi Lamar and The Lamar Everyday Spa, check out the Face to Face column in the February 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Images of The Lamar Everyday Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona

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