Face to Face Subject, Tracy Brennan, Shares Her Skin Care Secrets

The following information is provided as a supplement to the column “Face to Face With Tracy Brennan” by Abby Penning running in the December 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine. To learn more about Brennan's journey in the skin care and spa industry, please see the current issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

When Tracy Brennan began experiencing sporadic acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles and residual pigmentation problems following back-to-back pregnancies, she was inspired to launch Kalologie, a Los Angeles-based skin care center where clients can find answers to all their skin-related problems under one roof. However, the facility doesn’t just provide skin solutions for its clients—it provides skin-illuminating options for its owner, as well.
      “I was experiencing what I find is a fairly typical circumstance for women in their thirties,” Brennan says of her skin care issues, and, as a former model with the Fold Modeling Agency, she knew a good skin care regimen could help her with these issues. So by utilizing Kalologie’s signature combination of esthetic treatments with medical-level procedures, Brennan now can show off her skin’s youthful, glowing appearance.
      “I have found that a series of IPL photo facials have addressed my stubborn hyperpigmentation that topical products could not tackle, Botox* has been brilliant at softening my lines, medical-grade peels and facials have abated my acne, and a great home care skin care system helps me maintain the results in between treatments,” she says.
      And lately, Brennan’s home care system has involved the use of lab samples from the Kalologie-exclusive skin care product line she recently aiding in developing that just launched November 15. The line is dermatologist-tested, medical-grade, chirally correct, and paraben-, sulfate-, artificial color- and fragrance-free, as well as cruelty-free, and aids in delivering optimal skin care results. Brennan uses the line’s exfoliating serum to helps control her breakout and pigmentation issues and the antioxidant serum to provide her skin with nutrients and environmental protection.

For more images of Brennan's skin care center, Kalologie, click here.
*Botox is a registered trade name of Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA.

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