Molto Bella--Italian Beauty

beautiful woman portrait with great blue eyes
beautiful woman portrait with great blue eyes

Plato defined beauty as a “privilege of nature,” while Aristotle concluded it to be “a gift from God.” And until this summer, the word “beauty” prompted me to think exclusively of physical attributes. As a professional in the personal care and cosmetic industry, I defined beauty in terms of makeup and clothes. This changed when I spent four months living in the small Italian village of Bussolengo, on the outskirts of Verona. With each Italian city I visited, my definition of beauty became more profound—I began to question how beauty should be defined. Is it a physical attribute, something soulful or a mixture of both? Each piece of knowledge I absorbed illuminated opportunities in this industry. After all, we are in the industry of selling beauty.

My ponderings began in Verona, where shopping is more than a hobby; it becomes a true cultural experience that incorporates Italian lifestyle at every turn. Verona is a town for lovers. It is the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the Italian legends
of eternal love. I began to think of what Verona would be were I to bottle it as a fragrance; it would have characteristics of love and quaintness. Perhaps there would be notes of a light flower with hints of vanilla or honey. I realized I was starting to think outside the box.

Italian consumers see beauty as expressively self-defining. The products they apply to their bodies do more than bring about physical aesthetics; they develop a consumer’s attitude and confidence. Trying to find a self-conscious Italian consumer walking the streets of Verona is difficult. To be beautiful, one must feel beautiful.

My next adventure took me to Milan, the city for the ultimate shopping experience. A blend of classical history and modern consumerism fosters “chic Milanese,” a consumer atmosphere combining sophistication and class. Good marketers know the customer’s overall shopping experience must be positive. Shopping at MaxMara in La Galleria was much more exhilarating than on the streets of New York City, and I walked around with my head held a bit higher that day, walking side by side with the other sophisticates. That’s right—beauty is a confident attitude.

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