Spa Snapshot: Sundara Inn & Spa


It takes a lot of hard work to be an award-winning spa, and properties that earn accolades must maintain this level of excellence to stay relevant in the industry. John Morris, general manager of award-winning Sundara Inn & Spa, knows this all too well, and he doesn’t let up when it comes to his eye for perfection. To dig deeper into Sundara Inn & Spa’s success, Skin Inc. sat down with Morris to learn about how he ensures outstanding customer service for his guests, to find out what role integrity and morality play in the equation and to discover how wellness is in everything that his team does.

Skin Inc. (SI): How did you get started in the industry?

John Morris (JM): I was working in the resort industry as a director of tennis operations, and the opportunity became available to be in charge of [the spa here]. I grew to love the new challenge and dynamic. Recently, I was promoted to the position of general manager of the Sundara Inn & Spa

SI: What is your concept behind the pools at Sundara Spa?

JM: The original concept of all spas was “to take in the waters.” Our series of pools and whirlpools and purifying bath rituals provide therapeutic relief and tranquility to our clients.

SI: How do you create outstanding service?

JM: We create outstanding service by being very selective in our hiring process. Then, we implement a rigorous training program. We make sure that all new associates understand that our culture is one of exceeding our guests’ expectations. The key to outstanding guest service is consistency—every day of the week and every month of the year.

SI: What is your most unique treatment?

JM: Our most unique service is our Shea Body Butter Indulgence Massage. This treatment begins by applying oil to the skin, which is then mixed with a salt scrub to gently polish the skin. Warm towels remove the mixture, preparing the skin for our creamy signature Shea Body Butter. While the client is enveloped in this richness, their head, face and neck are massaged.

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