Only on How Spa Sanitation Can Increase Clients AND Profits


Janet McCormick, spa safety expert and co-founder of MediNail Learning Center, tells how how a spa's focus on safety can result in more clients and increased profits

"The reality is that there are spas that are currently bringing in consumers through safety marketing, keeping them through trust and then transferring them to other departments for new services through attractive coupon transfers," says Janet McCormick, spa safety expert and co-founder of MediNail Learning Center.

"One of the highest quality transformations to success is through achieving trust, which breeds loyalty. That is not done through advertising. Trust is culled through the obvious actions of spa professionals and spas themselves. These include the small-but-obvious positive activities, the overall policies of the spa, subtle training of the clients about how trustworthy the spas are and the root of it all: the training of spa professionals.

"A spa's nail department can be the initial impetus of trust that carries into the other areas of the spa. Spas can bring their nail departments into actual attraction and profit centers by obvious upgrading in professionalism and safety by educating spa professionals while setting and abiding by strict standards.

"There are many marketing initiatives that bring huge positives in communities, such as working with podiatrists, general physicians, dermatologists and internists on safe services. Providing internal marketing to current clients, including print marketing. Sending out press releases and giving speeches at social centers for active older people who are being told they cannot go into spas due to infection control. It works and changes the whole complexion of the spa. Because of these actions, the spa reaps new, loyal clients who trust their money to the facility. It all boils down to actively working to making positives out of the negatives.

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