5 Ways to Help Drive Service and Retail Sales in Spas


Skin Inc.’s Face & Body Midwest spa expo and conference kicked off Sunday morning with a little help from Carol Phillips, founder and CEO of BeauteeSmarts. 

Phillips' keynote session, “Smart Sales … It’s More Than Just Your Hands,” gave attendees advice for driving service and retail sales in spas.

According to Phillips, when it comes to successful selling there are five missing pieces that have a major impact:

  1. Brand – Voice, tone, imagery, connection to customers, social media, etc.
  2. People – The number of employees and the extent of training they have
  3. Products – What is new and unique to your spa?
  4. The sales process and flow 
  5. The spa owner’s time

Phillips’ advice to attendees was for spa owners to “shop the shop” and see what the retail experience feels like from a customer’s point of view; to monitor a client’s entire experience from the time they call to make and appointment to the follow-up call after their visit; and to train employees to be knowledgeable and educated in top-notch service. 

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