Steering Clients Away From DIY Recipes and Celeb Advice


Advice on DIY recipes, celebrity quotes and reclaiming your esthetic expertise with Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements director of education.

Ever deal with a client who thought kitty litter made a good mask? Or was convinced something a Kardashian ate was the answer to all her skin problems? I’m Teresa Stenzel—director of education for Bioelements Professional Skin Care. I’m here to help you reclaim your esthetic expertise in today’s world of blogs, tabloids and social media, where the line is blurred between skin care information and infotainment.

Esthetician Kate writes: “My client is making her own sugar exfoliator from a recipe she read on a blog. How can I convince her to use what I recommend?”

Great question! We now hear about all sorts of DIY recipes—using sugar, avocados—even kitty litter! Look, if you have perfect skin – go ahead and make an avocado mask! But if you have acne, wrinkles, dehydration, or any other real skin concern, it’s in your skin’s best interest to take my professional recommendation.

Simply put—a DIY recipe can’t hold up to the professional, FDA approved formulas we work with and recommend for clients with anti-aging concerns, or serious disorders like acne and rosacea. Tell your client why you are recommending a formula—based its ingredients, and on your training and experience. Explain that each formula you use has been thoroughly lab tested for consistent results. If she uses what you professionally recommend, she’ll get the results she’s looking for.
Let’s take another question.

Erin writes: “My client read that the actress Ginnifer Goodwin doesn’t cleanse her skin at night, so now my client stopped cleansing at night. What can I say to change her mind?”

I’d tell her to stop believing everything she reads! We know it’s easy to be swayed by a gorgeous celebrity. But it’s important to know that headlines are written to grab attention. I’d bet that Ginnifer was misquoted. But even if she wasn’t—her skin isn’t your skin. Well that’s all for today! Have a question for me? Ask me—Teresa—on Bioelements' or Skin Inc.’s Facebook page. Talk to you soon!

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