#10Things Spas Can Do “The Italian Way”


After a recent trip to the Aeolian Islands, I thought of #10things I learned from the Sicilians that could be utilized in the spa industry. Here are #10things I’m bringing home from Italy.

1. Deliver compliments with passion.

Recognizing one another’s strengths with insane amounts of positive energy and love feels amazing to receive and to give.

2. Repeat the question.

Sicilians always repeat the question before answering. This allows for increased understanding and less confusion.

3. Exfoliate with natural pumice.

My feet have never felt as soft as they did after walking the beach of Lipari in the Aeolian Islands.

4. Swim in the sea.

The Aeolian Sea contains minerals to help detoxify, reduce inflammation, heal wounds and reduce infection.

5. Drink minerals.

Italian mineral water contains magnesium for lowering blood pressure, calcium for bone health and sulfates to aid in digestion. Just watch the salt content.

6. Take a siesta.

Napping has been linked to lower rates of cardiovascular disease and inflammation, according to Time.com.

7. Drink wine with dinner.

“Wine helps prevent clots and reduce blood vessel inflammation, both of which have been linked to cognitive decline and heart disease,” explained Tedd Goldfinger, DO, of the University of Arizona School of Medicine.

8. Educate everyone on SPF.

I saw a lot of tourists with tan lines. As skin care therapists, we have a lot of educating to do when it comes to proper sunscreen application.

9. Stay local.

There is a strong camaraderie among the vendors in these small Italian towns, and they all benefit from one another. When we support other local businesses, we build our entire community.

10. Communicate with gestures and facial expressions.

Sicilians communicate visually and not just in language. Smiling, laughing and even waving your arms around releases endorphins in the body to relieve stress.

The Italians say, “Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto,” which means, “Eat well, laugh often, love much.” We all entered this industry to live well and improve the lives of others; adding these #10things into your life is an excellent start. Fino alla prossima volta!

Deedee Crossett

Founder and owner of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology since 2002, Deedee Crossett is an industry pioneer for raising the bar of undergraduate education for cosmetologists and estheticians. She can be reached at www.facebook.com/deedee.crossett and Twitter @DeedeeCrossett #10things.

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