Reflections: Be Inspired and Make a Difference

From left, Cathy with legends P. Pugliese, M. Lees, C. Heathman and R. Gadberry at Face & Body Midwest 2013.
From left, Cathy with legends P. Pugliese, M. Lees, C. Heathman and R. Gadberry at Face & Body Midwest 2013.

When was the last time you were inspired? I’ve had an inspirational month! What a privilege it was to share the celebration of Skin Inc.’s 25-year anniversary with approximately 400 skin care professionals during our opening session at Face & Body Midwest in Chicago in March! It was during our opening panel that highlighted industry legends, including Rebecca James Gadberry, Peter T. Pugliese, MD, Christine Heathman and Mark Lees, PhD, that the importance of staying inspired and motivated in order to succeed in the future of professional skin care was emphasized.

So, what does “staying inspired and motivated” involve? Inspiration can come from many different places. Along with industry inspiration, I personally have been energized by the newly elected Pope Francis and his focus on simplicity, goodness and humility. Politics and religious preferences aside, the more people focus on basic kindness and goodness, the better the world will become.

Because you work with clients who trust you to inspire and motivate them, it is so important for you to be a captive audience for their needs and to ensure that your energy is positive and hopeful; otherwise, you will be giving them nothing more than a facial. If they can feel your positive emotions, both through your touch and through personal interaction, their experience will be elevated and they will be more likely to return to you for treatments and trust you when you recommend retail products.

Simply tip-toeing out of your comfort zone can be the first step to becoming inspired. Talk to people in the industry; attend trade shows and industry events; network with other small business owners; focus on being optimistic and seek out information that supports positive thinking. Become inspired and then inspire others! You are in a position to touch people’s lives in a very powerful way. Become inspired to make a difference ... one client at a time.

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