Business Success is Never Convenient


To be successful is never convenient. Think about it: What successful business individual do you know who did not battle challenges? Look at Donald Trump and the hurdles he encountered to build his business. Many anticipated and unexpected obstacles present themselves, such as the economy, building clientele, operational costs, seasonal ups and downs, staffing, taxes and much more. How do you handle these success tests? Do you meet them head-on with a positive attitude, or do you complain you are unsuccessful because the economy is so bad and you are waiting for it to get better before becoming successful? Are you relying on excuses to move forward with your business?

There are multiple factors to focus on to identify your business, including attitude, communication, dedication, education and passion.

Attitude. Attitude is connected with your innate survival wiring to protect you from the dangers of the world. In the downward economy, never has there been a better time to draw from your built-in radar and access your brainpower to optimize mindset and vision to redefine economic survival. The road to success is always filled with obstacles; however, how you view your business can predict if you will win or lose.

Communication. Think about your best customers, and the established communication and trust factor they have with you. Communication is an asset. Your clients know you, like you, have an established rapport with you, and have built confidence and trust with you. You have a history of satisfaction and results, your clients use your products, they are more receptive to a new service or product because they believe in your integrity and they do not have to be sold to because they will buy. Communication will grow your customer base. Often, the secret to finding a fantastic recession-proof niche is to focus on what your customers need. The spa industry is centered around one fundamental human behavior trait: the need for self-esteem. Understand your client demographics and why they buy your skin care and use your services. Win clients over with new and diversified products. Up-sell your client to help them decide to upgrade to the final purchase by focusing on the customer’s needs. This should always be the natural state of conducting business.

Dedication. It is better to have 100 satisfied customers than 1,000 prospects. More sales are made with friendship than with salesmanship. Another old business adage says, “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends.” If you have fostered your spa to care about and help people, and have garnered trust based on your dedication, skills, personality and client follow-through, you already have the most powerful sales and service means available to increase profits for your business. It is estimated that more than 50% of sales are made and business relationships are kept because of friendship, personal or professional. Your dedication and that of your clients will build your business now and in the future.

Education. Reach out now to increase your skills and learn all you can to improve your knowledge today. No one ever failed because they had too much education. Remember it is the journey, not the destination, and always educate, educate, educate about how the recommended services and products you offer will benefit clients’ lives. Point out the wow factor, and the most important reasons to purchase the product or service. Individuals only remember three features, so ensure you communicate the most significant.

Passion. Ask yourself—What is your selling passion? New treatment add-ons, new skin care products or new skin care equipment? What targets are you aiming for? Do you have a successful plan to achieve these goals? Do you have a mental image to connect with your success strategy and the passion to move forward? Always remember that the true value of a product can be determined by the client, but it takes a passion to present the benefits and features of a product to establish its worth. Think about it.

Christine Heathman is a licensed master esthetician, massage therapist and burn specialist with more than two decades of clinical practice and research at institutions such as Stanford University and the University of Utah. Honored in 2003 as an industry legend by the American Association for Esthetics (AAE), she believes the future of skin care is now. Heathman is also a well-traveled educator, lecturer and author, and a 2010–2011 member of the Skin Inc. magazine editorial advisory board.

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